For Expecting Parents

Can we meet the doctor before having our baby? 
Of course!  Just call (818) 713 9377 during office hours to set up a Pre-natal visit.  The visits last about 15 minutes.  If you have specific questions or concerns, that’s a good time to discuss with the doctor.

How will the doctor know I’ve had my baby, and what will be his role in hospital? 
Inform your obstetrician, and Labor & Delivery nurse, who your pediatrician will be; they’ll take care of letting the doctor know; you won’t need to make a call yourself (you’ll be busy!).  In hospital my job is to check on your baby, thoroughly examine him or her, admit baby to the nursery, follow baby’s progress, and check again before discharging him or her home.  Before then I want to make sure baby is feeding ok, eliminating ok (poop & pee!), and we’ll talk about when next the baby should be seen after discharge (usually 2-3 days later).

Will I have help in the hospital learning how to nurse my baby?
Yes. We want you to nurse if you can and are so motivated.  West Hills Hospital has a basic nursing handout, and you can access a good resource for nursing here.

Is there a list of things we should buy ahead of time for the baby?
You don’t need much, and a simple list would include but not be limited to: Car Seat, Newborn or “size one” disposable diapers OR cloth diapers, Baby Wipes, Butt Paste or Diaper Cream, Petroleum Jelly, Digital Rectal Thermometer, Infant Acetaminophen, and Saline Nose Drops. Download Dr. Weidman's basic newborn instructions for your baby here

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